Making an Interactive Quiz With Scoring by Ms. PowerPoint

One of the ways to make our learning more interesting is to create an interactive quiz. It should have scoring features directly. we will make it by using Microsoft PowerPoint very easily. Microsoft PowerPoint has a feature VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming. But don't worry, the programming language we use is quite easy and simple. Consider the following steps!

Open Microsoft Powerpoint and make a cover

The first Slide: Cover

Make Macro (Visual Basic).

To make an interactive evaluation using VBA macros, we will create three macros: Right, Wrong, and Score. To display the visual basic editor window, press the Alt + F11.
The visual basic editor window
Then, we click Insert => module

So, the image will appear like this.
Then we copy the following script code, and paste to the module of visual basic editor window

Public Nilai As Integer

Sub Right()

Nilai = Nilai + 10


End Sub

Sub Wrong()


End Sub

Sub Score()

MsgBox (" Your Score : " & Nilai)

Nilai = 0
End Sub
Or we can download here. And then we can see like this

We can change the score of each question depending on the many questions that we make and we set the maximum score.

Making Quiz Page

We can create design of quiz as we want.  I gave example like this
Quiz Page

Apply a Macro on Option Button Answers

After the macro code is made then the next action is to give the answer choices in macro. 
To install the macros there is a choice answers correct is by the way: go to the slide that you want to attach the question of macros, select a choice answers-Insert->-> > Run-Action-Macros--Right-> > OK. The same steps carried out to select the wrong answer as shown below:

All options of the answer should be given macro like the previous step.

Apply The Macro on The Button of View Score

To get the macros on the button of view score are as follows: go to the slide of the evaluation results , select macros-score-Insert->-> > Run-Action-Macros----score > > OK.
The Button of view score

Save As The File In The Format Of *. pptm (PowerPoint Macro Enabled Presentation)

in order to program macros can be executed, the file must be save in the format of *. pptm
Save --> Save as type --> PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation (*.pptm ) -->save.
Save As in .pptm


If we success to make interactive quiz and try it, we will see like this

You can try my quiz here. 

It doesn't work if you try in office online. So, you should download here and try it by using office offline.

Press F5 and don't forget to cheklist "enable content for this session"

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